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Boston Domain

FAQ BOSTON domain names

What is a .BOSTON domain?

.BOSTON is a new domain extension that will launch in the following months. This extension will allow people in Boston to register and claim web addresses ending with .BOSTON.,,, etc.

Can you give me examples of .BOSTON domain names?

Right now the only active domain is But you may apply for .BOSTON domains through our website Examples may be:,,, etc.

Can I get one now?

We are still in the early stages of the launch of .BOSTON domain names. While you can apply for one as a pre-registration, we will only be able to attempt the activation of the .BOSTON domain when the registry launches the live service. This is scheduled to happen in September.

What is a Pre-registration?

A pre-registration is a request for a .BOSTON domain name. We will receive the request and will try to register the domain for you as soon as this is technically possible. We may or may not be able to get the domain name for you.

What happens if you don’t secure my .BOSTON domain name?

If we are not able to register the domain you requested, we will refund the full amount paid. No worries, there is no risk with the pre-registration.

Why may the pre-registration fail to secure the .BOSTON domain?

Several parties may be interested in the same domain name and only the first claim will get the domain. In case we are unable to process your request first, the domain may be assigned to someone else. The domain you request may also be removed from the available pool of domains by the registry or may be priced at a premium price.

What is the launch schedule?

Pre-registrations can be made from now until September of 2017.

The following schedule refers to the activation of .BOSTON domain names, and not to the possibility of requesting a domain as a pre-registration.

  • There is a phase for the registration of Trademark domain names scheduled for early July 2017.
  • A Community Sunrise phase is expected for August of 2017.

Finally a concurrent Community General Availability and a Public General Availability will happen in September of 2017. This is when the bulk of the domains will be able to become active.

What is the Sunrise phase?

In a Sunrise phase, only registered trademarks that have completed the Trademark Clearinghouse validation may request a .BOSTON domain name.

Why are some names unavailable for pre-registration?

Some names are unavailable because the Registry has determined them to be Premium domain names. These domain names will be sold at a later stage. Some other domains may be reserved for the City Government or may be reserved due to ICANN policy.

Can I get hosting and email with my .BOSTON domain name?

Yes, you will be able to get hosting and email with your .BOSTON domain name. We will make this services available as soon as the domains are active.

Can I use my existing hosting or email service?

Yes, you can configure your existing services to work with you .BOSTON domain name. Just ask your provider how to configure your services to work with your .BOSTON domain. Send us the DNS instructions and we’ll help you with the configuration.

Who can apply for a .BOSTON domain name?

Anyone can apply for a .BOSTON domain name. There is no restriction in the policy that restricts the registration to residents, individuals or companies in Boston.